This Old House

My hubby and I are well into our third home renovation in the last fifteen years of marriage.  We started off small in our first house, relying on family and friends who knew more than we did then, installing a doorway here, repatching plaster there, redoing floors everywhere.  I stuck to what I knew best: painting.

Painting walls, trims, etc. is very therapeutic for me.  I don’t have to look or talk to anyone.  I can zone out, let my mind wander, and my work won’t suffer for it.  In fact, if I just let myself go, the painting gets done quicker and with less thought, meaning I don’t have time to worry about every little spot that I’m covering….I just do it.

Over the years, though, we’ve tackled bigger and more involved projects with each new house.  Our most recent purchase a little over three years ago scared people the most.  As an outsider, I can see what they’d be worried: HUD owned (meaning the state owned it and didn’t care about it, but they would be sure to string all sorts of red tape around our project each step of the way), abandoned for several years, missing windows, doors, water tank, parts of the walls and ceilings, and just overall grimy, we certainly had a project on our hands.

new-houseIt might look cute here, which is exactly what we thought, but just wait til you get close up!


But with everything my husband and I set our mind (and hands) to, we got it livable…and then some.  We are still working on it even now (and old house is never finished) but we’ve come a long way in a short time.  We had some expert assistance, advice, and help from friends and family.  We also tackled alot ourselves that we had never done before.

Our next task involves crown molding, something my husband has been shying away from for 3 years but which we NEED to do to cover the gap over our kitchen cabinets and to make our “custom” built-ins in the living room look complete.  I’ll share some before pictures so you get a better visual of what we were dealing with, and a few after to show off what we’ve done (pat on the back to us).  We’re pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished and look forward to the other projects we have in mind.  Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to enjoy our hard work for a few years.  We somehow always seem to find another house just as the one we’re living in is nearing completion….we’re our own worst enemies.  Our recent home renovation heroes are the Gaines.  If you don’t know who they are, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS?!  Seriously, they are an adorable couple with adorable children who are true do-it-yourself-ers that have been blessed with a TV show and oodles of projects and opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise.  It’s amazing what can get accomplished and what you can have bestowed upon you when you put God first.  There’s proof in their pudding.  Check ’em out on HGTV and check back here often for updates on our latest projects.


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