Looking for love…

…in a bowl full of zoodles.  As in zucchini noodles.

zucchini noodles.jpg
What my zoodles were suppose to look like…Photo credit

I know, it sounds weird but after having felt crummy for (years) the past few months, I knew I had to revisit my LEAP diet plan, especially since winter is fast approaching in New England and Christmas, as in desserts!, is just around the corner.

Having fought various ailments for most of my life, most of which seemed disconnected, some even obscure (a swollen foot with no apparent cause that last for three days), I finally met with a nutritionist last year and explored the option of getting a LEAP blood test done.  (for more info on this, see LEAP/MRT testing)

After having the blood test done, I received a print out of all the food items and such that caused inflammation to my body.  Apparently, all the “healthy” and “anti inflammatory” foods that I was eating were actually a major CONTRIBUTOR to my inflammation and subsequent ailments.  Favorite foods such as blueberries, asparagus, ginger, almonds and others actually caused my body to overreact, and therefore, weaken my immune system, which then caused all sorts of health problems, from IBS (trust me, not a pleasant condition to face), itchy ears, eczema on my hands, dry skin in general, bloating, irritability and a general feeling of fogginess in my head, which makes it hard for me to truly focus and feel 100% engaged in whatever I’m doing.  Add to that sleep problems and stress, and well, this just made me a super fun person to be around (note: sarcasm).

In just two weeks of a very strict elimination diet (without the guess work since I now knew exactly what caused my inflammation), I actually woke up without feeling tired, forgot to have my 2nd (or sometimes 3rd) cup of coffee and felt PRESENT in my day.

Cue the hallelujah chorus!

And then, life crept in, and so did the other offending foods, first in small quantities and then, well, let’s just say I could finish off a bag of Milano cookies by myself if I was being forced fed them.

Once again, I am facing all of the above symptoms and I have had enough.

So, I bought a spiralizer (got this Spiralizer on Amazon fairly inexpensively – Note: I am not getting anything for recommending this product.  It’s just what I use and it works fairly well and cleans up easily enough) on the suggestion of a friend and we made ourselves some zoodles tonight for dinner.

The girls said they were “the best ever!” and at first taste, they were pretty good.  Unfortunately, in my zeal for something tasty since I’ve felt deprived all day having existed on oatmeal, peanuts, craisins, and orange and some rice crackers, I added WAY too much salt (didn’t realize I grabbed the saltier sea salt grinder).  The addition of caramelized onions and button mushrooms made it at least palatable.  I’m going to have to tweak this some, since it appears that it’ll have to be a staple item in my limited diet for the next 11 days.

I am craving sweets, and so the zoodles did not offer me the love the same way a chocolate chip cookie could.  Hubby offered to run to the store so he’s picking me up coconut flakes, some rice tortilla wraps for lunch tomorrow and, I’m hoping, a watermelon.  I’m going to attempt a batch of oatmeal, quinoa, coconut and peanut butter granola bars for that sweetness that I’m craving.  Hope this works because this mama needs her some sugar!  I’m sure my students will be dreading the next 11 days as much as me with this food detox.

All I can say is, they’ve been warned. 😉

(Here’s the link to my “LEAP Diet” Pinterest Board – I’m certainly going to be putting these recipes to good use, especially when I can add back in some of my favorite foods come day 12!  Hoping this kicks this head cold’s butt, too 😉 )


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