I found it very apropos that this sign showed up in my Facebook feed about a day after I finally decided to start this long overdue blog.  It was on SALE so that made it even more fitting 🙂  Being made by a small business, even if not locally, made me even happier to purchase it.

What was even better was getting it in the mail yesterday.  We’ve had quite a few Christmas deliveries in the last few days since I’ve felt too crummy to head out into stores for my holiday shopping but there’s nothing like getting a package in just for me.

Every time I come home, I’ll be greeted by this lovely saying.  And that puts a smile on my face:


by Smallwoodhome.com

Now, if someone could just tell my fiddle leaf fig tree, then I’d really be smiling.

2nd Fiddle Leaf Fig tree to come home with me to die 😦  They’re suppose to be difficult to kill!  Apparently, I love a challenge…






6 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. It is a matter of either too much or too little water. My guess is too much water. This one has already gone to the happy hunting ground of dead plants. Try a “peace lily” next time. Harder to kill.


    1. It’s so sad – I had watered the one before far less but the same thing happened. The woman at the nursery said to not let it dry out so maybe twice a week I watered it? But it keeps dropping leaves….just like the last one 😦


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