The befores…

In every home renovation, there is most certainly a “before”: a reason to redo, repaint, remove, remake, rebuild and in some cases, to be able to resell.

The same is very true for our humble abode.  As mentioned in a previous post, Mr. G and I purchased this HUD home after winning the online bid.  Described as an 1890’s “Victorian” farmhouse , I instantly loved the details that were left behind, and the quirks that might have annoyed some other people (the step up and over between the main entrance and the kitchen for example).

It’s really more cottage like than Victorian, although there is some dental molding on the porch that nods to the Victoria era, a beautiful turned newel post on the stair case, with a curved bottom step.  The double wide parlor and tall main floor windows round out the “Victorian” aspect – at least, what’s left of it.

We were fortunate enough to come across an older picture of the home and its occupants since the older man we hired to build and tile the new shower stall (after he leveled out the floor, that is) was now married to a woman who used to live in this house.  They had a framed picture of her mother and aunt standing on the porch of this house.  Mr. G. snapped a quick photo of it to show me, and that print now sits framed in our entrance, an ode to the past families.



It’s been a long process getting to where we are now, and as Mr. G. finished installing a door in the garage (a painted piece of plywood and a deadbolt being the only deterrent up until now), I was slightly overwhelmed by how much still needs to get done.  (I could list it all here, but then this would no longer be my happy place 😉 )

Until I can share some “Afters” with y’all, I wanted to at least give you a glimpse into the “befores”.  You can gasp in horror along the way if need be….

And sadly, this isn’t even to the extent of what we saw in person (or “discovered” once we started working on it…).

I’ll share some after pictures soon, but the sad truth is that many of our projects are still undone somewhere in their process.  In an old house, the work never ends.  Glad I like making things look purdy again! 🙂

It started with a dream…



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