Pinspiration – No Sew, No Problem!

I’m a creature of habit, and unfortunately, that habit is called procrastination.  But in this particular case, my procrastination finally paid off, in that I didn’t have to pay more than a few dollars and spent only 15 minutes.

I’ve had a hand-me-down skirt from my sister-in-law since the late 1990s (I know…I’ve waited a REALLY long time on this one!).  It’s a beautifully soft, real leather skirt, with straight lines.  The only problem?  It went to my ankles.  Very 90’s.  Very “Friends” Monica style but very outdated (even though the 90’s attire keeps creeping up as evidence in the hallways of my high school).

I had come across this picture in a magazine a few years ago, ripped it out, and filed it away.  I just came across it the other day on Pinterest and knew that I had to finally have that skirt altered once and for all.

Sandra Bullock – Love her look!

I was going to call the lady who altered the dress I wore last year to my sister’s wedding, but kept forgetting to (hence my procrastination).  At Target two weeks ago, who came in line behind me?  Her!  So, I asked my question about having the skirt altered.  Sadly, she didn’t have the heavy foot pedal needed to alter leather and so suggested a cobbler in the city.

After reading some reviews online about their tardiness in getting things repaired, I decided I had to figure out another way because I wanted the skirt in a week in time for Christmas.  (I know, I waited almost two decades and wanted it done now in less than 2 weeks – call me crazy).

I Googled a few “how to’s” and came across a link that showed me all I had to do was cut and glue the leather with a certain kind of glue.  Seriously?  Cut and glue?  I was game, since the current hem looked like it was done the same way – I could pull it apart if I was careful.  So, a quick purchase on Amazon Prime and I had ordered this glue:


And so, on Christmas Eve day, with two hours before Christmas Eve service (and when I was going to wear the skirt), I set to measuring with a ruler, marking where I wanted to cut with chalk, and snipping away approximately 10 inches of leather (which I saved for my sister to make a wristlet out of).

And in about 15 minutes, after 17 years of waiting, I had a skirt similar to the one Sandra was showing off.  I couldn’t believe it was that easy!  Isn’t that usually the way with so many things we put off?  It takes more time worrying and trying to figure out how to than actually just doing it. 🙂  Life Lesson #4,297

A little glue, a rolling pin to make the seam creased, a little no steam ironing over a kitchen towel to get rid of the wrinkles from years of being folded and viola!

I’m not great at taking selfies (even with a full length mirror to help me) so little C. took the 2nd picture.

(No one needs to know that I went to service with packaging tape at the seams just to ensure the glue stuck, or that the lining is being held up with tiny safety pins….oh, wait, now they do. 😉 )  Time to visit my sister so I can hem that lining properly!

I’m happy with how it turned out because it’s a little edgy without being, well, inappropriate for a “woman of my age” 😉 .  I kept the length at the now-popular (thank God!) midi length and didn’t have to take anything in anywhere else (although it doesn’t quite show “pencil” skirt like Sandra’s but that’s ok with me – it’s more comfortable to sit in this way).

Sew happy!!! 🙂




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