A Tale of Two Loaves

“  I LOVE bread. “….Oprah Winfrey

I love bread.gif

If you haven’t seen the Weight Watchers commercial, you must.  If only to chuckle to yourself about the silliness of it all.

But I get it.  I love bread, too, Oprah.

The bread issue has been the hardest part of my LEAP diet so far.  I think I may be over my sugar craze (never thought I had a sugar problem until I realized that there is sugar in everything.  EVERY.THING.) but I can not get over good bread.  I have decided that I don’t care and I will eat bread.  I try to choose the better versions: whole grain and no high fructose corn syrup, organic and non-gmo when I can find it at the store near me.  For the most part, I have limited sandwiches to every once in awhile but on days I’m running late (#everyday) I want to be able to grab something and go.  I’ve done the granola bar thing but in winter, I want something warm and homey feeling.  When I have that occasional prep period in the morning, I can sneak in a bowl of oatmeal before class starts.  Both of these are decent options but I just want a yummy, warm, hunk of bread some days.

Since I was home with the little girls avoiding the stomach bug that’s been ravaging our local schools, I decided it was a perfect time to attempt a few loaves I’ve been putting off.  One that is certainly able to be deemed “good fer ya” and one that, well, let’s just say, it’s dessert masking itself as bread.  It was made by Duff of Ace of Cakes and featured in the Food Network Magazine this past December.  It has a chocolate cream layer and over a stick of butter (or “butttttah” since every time I see that much in a recipe, I immediately think Paula Deen in all her glory).


Chocolate Babka – a twisted ribbon of dough, eggs, sugar, butter and chocolate sauce made with heavy cream…  It tasted as good as it sounds.  I even cut out some of the chocolate sauce (it overflowed when I tried to roll it up) and omitted the topping and finishing glaze (which would have added another cup of sugar, another stick of butter, and another 1/3 cup of chocolate – oh, my!)

Here’s a pic of the trial one – the second one that’s still baking is going to dear friends of ours as a belated Christmas/Hannukah gift.


According to Duff “Babka takes time and patience, but it makes an awesome gift”.  Agreed.  And today, it was a present to my tastebuds 🙂

The other loaf, the one less loved and still sitting on my counter three days later, is the Cranberry Oat bread adapted from the Ocean Spray Cranberries recipe.  I only had steel cut oats instead of the normal rolled ones, I cut back on the sugar and didn’t have oranges to zest.  I used Almond milk, orange juice, and unbleached flour for the rest.  I doubled the amount of whole cranberries because I love cranberries, tartness and all (and I have four bags in my freezer right now).  I was able to get Abby to eat some two days in a row (she also loved the Pinterest fail quinoa granola bars) but no one else has been a taker.  Mr. G said it was “tasty” as he crunched his way through the steel cut oats.  I must admit, traditional rolled oats would have made this one better.  At least the guilt is gone when I eat this one.


With the Babka, I feel like I should be repenting after each bite.

duff's babka.jpeg
Duff’s version as featured on Food Network – see what I mean?

And this is where our tale of two loaves ends.  One that was loved and devoured in minutes, and the other that loves us but still sits on our counter, giving me guilt every time I pass by it to grab something else tastier to eat.

Sigh.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Chalk this one up to the losing side.




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