About My Happy Place

Original painting by Carla D’aguanno http://www.carladaguanno.com

I’d love to say that the above painting by my talented friend, Carla D’aguanno is the best representation of my life….but I’d be lying.  As much as I’d LOVE to sit back, coffee in hand, rocking chair beneath with my daughters playing nicely at my feet, the truth is that I LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD.

Tears, screams, meltdowns, spilled milk, frazzled hair and misplaced items….and that’s  just me on a Monday morning.  As a full time chef turned high school teacher,  full time mom to eight year old twin girls (who are nothing alike), full time wife to one very patient husband (who’s patience could be contributed to the fact that he often doesn’t listen to half of what I say…), and full time DIY home renovator, life can get crazy.  Don’t let anyone fool you – there’s no such thing as “making it all happen”.

As much as I’d love to spend my days by the beach, toes in sand, waves lapping at my lounger, or cuddled up with a blanket, hot coffee and good book, I know I can’t.  So how to fit in all my LOVES with all my MUSTS?  That’s the age old question that I’m trying to answer here, one day at a time.

Finding time to enjoy the things and people I love, while taking care of what I must, I’m sure I can find My Happy Place somewhere in between.  Come and join me while I make the most of this frazzled, crazy, often stressed out….yet beautiful life.  Grab your favorite coffee mug, be ready for a heavy dose of sarcasm and a few tidbits on how to thrive in the chaos.  Join me and my silly family (the girls do share a decent sense of humor, sarcasm and wit) as we spend regular days, with regular people enjoying a regular life – just the way it should be.

Come in and enjoy MY HAPPY PLACE.

Peace and blessings to you and yours,


Carolyn (in my favorite Coffee shirt, eating flan made by a former student – yum!)