Sometimes, when you’re having a rather crappy day, and you’ve cried in the shower because you just don’t want to face the week ahead, remember that God hears you.  He knows your heart, and in this case, although rather small to most people, He answered one of my prayers.

I had been searching for Thonet bentwood chairs – especially the style found in Parisian cafes from the 1920s, like these:


because I am IN LOVE WITH anything Parisian and cafe related.  Who wouldn’t want to sit here and enjoy a cafe au lait avec mon amis? :


So, I was more than overjoyed when on my way to a friend’s house last night, I drove past this set of 4 beauties outside of a little antique place on Main Street in Warren, RI:


Quickly doing an abrupt left turn in an effort to circle back around and ask the man outside what they were selling for (and subsequently driving through a stop sign on a side street – so sorry!  Thank God no one was coming but it was witnessed by a teenage boy who just shook his head like I was a crazy woman driver – which, in my excitement, I was).

Pulling into the parking lot and telling the girls to quickly get out, while they whined in reply, I trotted up to the man who thankfully was still outside despite the chill in the air and it being almost five o’clock (closing time for most shops in this area).  He said they were marked and I looked at the tag and was thrilled – $98 for the set!  I have been searching for these online on every available source I could find and was contemplating an hour and a half drive through Boston to get a set off Craigslist for $125.

So $98 right here in front of me was a DEAL!

But he quickly added that he could do better on the price and went inside.  To my utter disbelief, he came back with a price of $80 for the set.  SOLD!  I ran (after looking both ways) across the street with the girls to the ATM, only to have it spit out an empty slip with a “communications error” message on it.  Ugh!
Ran around and down two more blocks to the drive through bank ATM (to which I walked  up sans car) and thankfully, $80 plus a $3 Bank of America fee (thanks alot, BOA) later, I was dragging the two girls behind me in near dusk darkness like I had just robbed the bank.

I handed the man the wad of twenties and grabbed the chairs with a smile while he tried to tell me the story of their provenance (some farm nearby – I don’t remember because I was just too excited with my find).

Yes, they are apple green and yes, they currently have tan vinyl seats, but with some paint remover, sanding and a new coat of stain, these Parisian beauties will have a seat of honor in my kitchen.  Can’t wait to share the results with you!  (not like I need another project with less than a month before Christmas but nothing like a little deadline to get me finished!).

chairs 2.jpg

Sometimes, it’s the little things that turn a bad day into a good one and God knew just the little pick me up I needed.  🙂


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